One of the oldest cities of the world and home to great philosophers like Socorates, Aristotle and Plato – ATHENS is the capital city of GREECE. Its classic beauty and rich history never ceases to amaze you. A trip to Athens evokes images in time to give you a first-hand experience into its rich and captivating past.

THE ACROPOLIS: A classic symbol of spirit and civilization the Acropolis is a Citadel built atop a rocky hill above the city of Athens in Greece. It contains remains of many ancient buildings of brilliant architectural and historic importance. Its architectural brilliance gives one a glorifying experience of a lifetime.


Source: – Parthenon at night on Acropolis at Athens Greece

TEMPLE OF OLYMPIAN ZEUS: The Temple of Olympian Zeus is an epic monument of Athens standing tall in all its grandeur. The temple is dedicated to Olympian gods and happens to be the greatest and largest  temple in history. It is extremely popular for its larger then life and prodigious coloms.

Temple of Olympian Zeus

MONASTIRAKI: It is one of the major tourist attractions in Athens, Greece. Always buzzing with activity Monastiraki is the popular shopping district of Athens. You can buy just about anything here and collect souvenirs to take back home.



HADRIAN’s ARCH: Constructed by the Roman Emperor Hadrian in 131 AD the Arch of Hadrian is also known as the Hadrian’s Gate in Greek. The monumental gateway was built to honor the Roman Emperor Hadrian. It separates the old and the new cities of Athens.

Source: Wikimedia

PANATHENAIC STADIUM: One of the most significant monument of Athens, Greece. The Panthenaic Stadium is the only stadium in the world built exclusively with marble. Also known as the Kallimarmaro it is extremely popular with the tourists for its rich history and direct connection with the Modern Olympics.


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