La belle vie — 4 French Riviera travel tips

La belle vie — 4 French Riviera travel tips

The fragrant pines, golden sands and mellow Mediterranean waters of the French Riviera have proved magnetic for writers like F. Scott Fitzgerald and artists like Pablo Picasso for generations.

Known by locals as the Cote d’Azur, this sublime strip stretches from uber-cool St. Tropez in the west to Menton near the Italian border in the east, and continues to trap film stars, culture vultures and traveling thrill seekers.

Although the Riviera is unmistakably French, its modern reputation as a hub for hedonism was founded by figures like the Fitzgeralds and their Jazz Age set in the 1920s — so in some ways, it’s an American invention.

If you’re planning a visit to this idyllic spot to sample la belle vie (the good life) here are four French Riviera travel tips.

  1. Antibes and Juan-Les-Pins

Antibes and Juan-Les-Pins are two separate towns that form one administrative area around the iconic Cap d’Antibes peninsula.

Visiting to the walled city of Antibes takes you through charming cobbled streets to cool cafes and chic boutiques and bars, then along the ramparts where high-end apartment balconies overlook the crystalline sea below.

Meanwhile, Juan-Les-Pins is a pretty party town that boasts Fitzgerald’s former home, the Hotel Belle Rives, as well as lively clubs, superb beaches and an annual international jazz festival.

  1. Cannes

Thanks largely to the cultural cachet of its international film festival, Cannes is where the film set gathers to swap notes with yacht-borne billionaires and exiled oligarchs.

But ordinary mortals can still afford to sip a cocktail at the Martinez or Carlton hotels and spot movie stars and super cars swooshing past on main drag La Croisette.

When you’re tired of the glitz, stroll up to Le Suquet — this is the town’s beautiful old district and it’s more laid back and less overtly ostentatious.

  1. Monaco

Strictly speaking, the tax haven of Monaco is an independent principality rather than a part of France, but it’s become an honorary part of the Riviera nonetheless.

If you want to see how the other half live, it’s well worth taking a day trip to Monaco to chill at the famous Casino de Monte Carlo, soak in the cool curves of the grand prix circuit and drool over the classic car collection of Prince Rainier III.

Monaco is a must-see location, so it’s worth stretching your budget for overpriced sandwiches and soft drinks for one day only.

  1. Getting there

Nice Cote d’Azur airport serves the entire region and if you’re sojourning from stateside, one stop flights are available from cities like New York City, Los Angeles, Boston, Chicago, Miami and more.

Various carriers fly the route, so it’s best to browse a site like to compare prices and bag a bargain.

And whether you’re leaving from Seattle or Newark Liberty airport, leave your car stowed safely for the duration by finding airport parking at

Follow our four tips for a French fancy vacation with a certain je ne sais quoi.

Do you have any French Riviera travel tips? Share them in the comments section.

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5 Must haves in your Travel Bag this Vacation

5 Must haves in your Travel Bag this Vacation

Be it a breathtaking view from a cliff of a mountain, a trek into some deep forest, watching the waves crash the rocks or the sun undoing its colors and painting miraculous abstracts in the morning and evening sky. The most favorite part of every holidays “vacations”. Since, childhood if anything made us the happiest, they were the holidays, these few days always made its way straight to our hearts and mind forever. Now as grown-ups we still never fail to take few days out to rejuvenate our mind and soul, also called as the much-needed break from life.

With technologies expanding we have numerous options available not just in places to visit but in different e-commerce stores like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal etc. when it come to buying travel essentials and what’s best is that you don’t have to worry spending money on essentials rather than the trip. These sites offer discounts, sites like Amazon avails Amazon coupon code for its customers to hike up the discount rates on various products.

When it comes to planning a vacation be it with family or a solo trip. Packing is a huge task with all so many things on our mind, it really becomes difficult to fit them up in that bag. Here, on to your rescue are some effective ideas of the must haves this vacation.

  1. Trolley Bags:

The most essential part of packing for a vacation, a trolley bag. While most of you prefer the soft sided suitcase if taken my reviews in concern, hard sided are much more effective when you are travelling. It ensures your luggage from getting wet or dirty.

  • Price ranging from – 3,120 – 6,720 rupees (hard sided), 1,500 – 6,471 rupees (soft sided).
  • Hard sided Material: Polycarbonate, polyester. Inner material- fabric, casing- hard.
  • Soft sided Material: Nylon, polyester. Casing – soft.
  • Closure type – Zip, number lock.
  • Available in varied range of colors and brands.
  • Warranty – 3-5 years.
  1. Backpack:

I swear by this after I had to face an utter embarrassment of a broken strap of a side bag in middle of a trip. No matter if the trip is solo or with family backpack eases the main luggage as you can keep many handy stuffs there. Also, it is always better to carry a bag with two straps, (padded straps most effectively). If one snaps off (by any chance) the other can save you. Effective packing you know!!

  • Price ranging from – 199 -85,017 rupees approx.
  • Material: Canvas, nylon, polyester.
  • Available in varied range of colors and designs.
  • Discount on Amazon: from 10% – 50% or more.
  • Warranty – 6 months – 1 year from manufacturing.
  1. Foldable down jacket:

Well some of you must be thinking that what’s the use of jackets in summers. Well these are the foldable jackets we are taking about, a jacket whenever the weather or situation demands and a comfortable pillow whenever you want it. 2 in one.

  • Price ranging from – 750 – 92,831 rupees approx.
  • Material: Down, fleece, synthetic.
  • Available in varied range of colors, brands and designs.
  • Discount: From 10% – 50% or more.
  1. Sport shoes:

It may seem weird, but you cannot deny no matter how pretty your strappy heels look on you, carrying those on vacation is complete wastage of space as you will end up wearing them once or twice, sports shoes however have their own level of comfort.

  • Price ranging from – 499 – 16,999 rupees approx.
  • Material: synthetic, mesh, rubber with lace up closure type.
  • Discount: 10% – 50% or more.
  • Available in variety of brands, colors and designs.
  • Product manufacturing warranty 30 days.
  1. Toiletry:

Instead of putting on so many items haphazardly it’s better to keep things together as it saves space for other items and you can find them on time. Yeah, I know, you were just thinking about this.

  • Price ranging from – 264 – 56,142 rupees approx.
  • Material: ABS, canvas, fabric, leather, metal, nylon, polyester, synthetic.
  • Discount: 10% – 50% off or more.
  • Available in variety of colors, designs.
  • Portable and compact. Good for travelling, outdoor and indoor activities.

My grandma use to say, “pack all the things you need, but don’t let the luggage bother you for the rest of your trip”. Effective packing also means when you plan and manage the space available. Here were some useful tips to make sure you don’t forget any important thing and to avail the benefit of saving more by using Amazon promo codes on e-commerce sites like Amazon.

What are you still waiting for? Dude get on with your packing now. Wish you a happy and less hassle trip.

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9 best places to visit in Vietnam

9 best places to visit in Vietnam

Vietnam is one beautiful country that is squeezed in between the Laos and Cambodia borders and the South China Sea. This place is a home to a number of beautiful landscapes which are more than striking. Thus, Vietnam travel is a must for all the travel junkies who love to visit the most exotic places, trek there and relish on the local eateries.

Planning to visit Vietnam real soon? Here are the 9 best places that you must tour into.

  • Dalat: Dalat is all about cool weather, pine trees, misty valleys, colorful flowers and a number of other beautiful places. This place was once used by the French colonials and Vietnamese emperors as their summer retreat. Today, it has turned into one of the most popular tourist destinations of the country. You must visit to spot the beautiful French colonial architecture.
  • My Son: My Son is located near the DuyPhu village of the country and the same is considered to be the most important archaeological site. Thus, if you have a penchant of the ancient sites and beautiful architecture, this place is a must visit. This place has a number of temples built that are solely devoted to the worship of Lord Shiva.
  • Mekong Delta: Mekong Delta is known for a number of things such as fruit orchards, colorful floating markets, rice paddies, bird sanctuaries, sugarcane groves as well as quaint villages. Thus, this place gives you everything at a single place. Spot the wonders of the beauty or get indulged in an amazing shopping experience – the choice is all yours.
  • NhaTrang: Make your Vietnam travel worth cherishing but visiting this one of the most beautiful places of the country. This place is a home to exotic beaches, picturesque mountains as well as lush islands. The entire place is adorned with beautifully rested palm trees, resorts and good-looking promenade. You can also visit to amusement and water parks here.

  • Sapa: Located in the northwest of Vietnam, Sapa is a beautiful quiet town which serves as a paradise for all the trekkers who are seeking for some bone-chilling adventures in their monotonous life. This place has beautiful mountains to trek on. Besides, you can also tour into the rice paddies and various traditional villages around. Bump into some of the most beautiful waterfalls as you explore more of this region.
  • Hue: This place once served as the imperial capital of the Nguyen dynasty. Today, it has become a famous architectural spot. You can spot a number of beautiful buildings, know about the rich culture of the city and can relish upon some of the most delectable cuisines here. The most popular monument of the city Citadel, is a must visit.
  • Hoi An: Hoi An is located off the coast of the South China Sea in the Couth Central Vietnam and the same is considered to be one of the oldest cities of the country as it dates back 2,000 years ago. This city is mostly known for its beautiful historic architecture, textile as well as traditional culture. There are a hundred of tail shops here where you can spot some of the most intriguing clothes, bags, shoes and souvenirs.

  • Hanoi: Hanoi, the capital city of a reunified Vietnam is considered to be a must-visit place if you are touring to the country. This place has a number of beautiful spots to explore. The Old Quarter located at the heart of the city is an open-air museum of French colonial and historic Asian architecture is a must visit. The city is a blend to a cosmopolitan culture and scenic beauty. There are beautiful boulevards, quaint cafes and various other places to have a gala time.
  • Ha Long Bay: This place surely resembles a scene from a fantasy story as the unreal aqua-green waters, the rocky mountains and the greenery all around is no lesser than a dream. This bay features over 2,000 jungle-covered islands that are pitted with grottoes, intriguing caves, lakes and various sinkholes. You will certainly fall in love with this place.

So, what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and tour these beautiful cities and spots of Vietnam right away.

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Day trips from Bangalore to inspire wanderlust

Day trips from Bangalore to inspire wanderlust

Bangalore is in a geographically convenient location that allows for many great day trips to make anyone’s Instagram feed the stuff of envy. With a variety of options to suit everyone’s needs, the city can be the ideal base for many road trips to spectacular locations.

With many services that allow friends and family alike to hire a car for rent or provide services like Self drive cars in Bangalore Bangalore is seeing an explosion of day trips that inspire homebodies to explore the great outdoors. Here are some of the best day trips from Bangalore for that next big holiday.

1. Nandi Hills

The staple drive for every Bangalorean, Nandi Hills offers a great drive and panoramic views of the plains below. With an ancient temple and fortress, there is much to explore in the area. The Tipu Sultan era fort is under massive state-sanctioned renovations making the trip for tourists a worthwhile visit. Plenty of eating options on the hill provide sustenance as visitors explore the exotic flora of the location. Attractions on the hill include Tipu’s Drop where condemned prisoners were thrown to their death. The hill also offers paragliding opportunities and is one of Karnataka’s only such offering. Nandi Hills is also a hotspot for cycling enthusiasts with many cycling from Bangalore.

2. Mekedatu

Located off the main Kanakapura highway, Mekedatu is a deep and narrow gorge through with the river Kavery flows. 3.5km from Mekedatu is Sangama which is where the Arkavati meets the Kaveri. At Sangama, boats are available to make the crossing safely as the water currents can get very quick especially during monsoon. On the other side of the crossing is a bus service that runs every half hour, though the distance can also be covered by foot. The gorge is named Mekedatu which means goat’s leap as it is said that herdsmen observed a goat leaping across while being chased by a tiger who did not attempt the crossing.

3. Savandurga

Located 60km from Bangalore, Savandurga is one of the largest monoliths in Asia. There are two temples located at the foothill – Narasimha temple and Veerabhadreshwara temple. Quite a few people visit the hill for picnics and cave explorations. It is also the site for many serious slab climbers from around the globe. The Manchanabele dam is located in proximity as well and offers many water sports for an adventurous and fun day out.

These places are best accessed with a self drive car. Bangalore has many options when it comes to this services including Zoomcar.

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Niagara Falls: A 360° Tour

Niagara Falls: A 360° Tour

When you visit Ontario, Canada, taking Niagara Falls private tours is a must, not only because it is a popular tourist place but also because it looks stunning from every angle. From front, above and behind, a 360 degree tour of Niagara Falls will get you captivated with its glory and magnificence. Here, we will take you in detail of each option:

From Above

Seeing Niagara Falls from above will be the most breathtaking experience. Go for a helicopter ride over the Falls for a unique view.  rides along with audio guide are offered right at the Falls.

It definitely is an expensive ride but if you are after a thrilling adventure, just go for it. However, if you suffer vertigo, this may not be the best option for you. While you take this ride, do not stress as it is very relaxed and it lasts only for 15 minutes. Just enjoy the spectacular view of the Falls from sky.

Niagara Falls scenic aerial view in autumn

From Behind

After the amazing helicopter ride, let’s explore the beauty of the Falls from behind. Behind the Falls is an interesting journey through a 130 years old tunnel that takes you right behind the water falls.

There are many peek holes in the tunnel that offer a misty and impressive view of the roaring waters. The terrace right next to the Horseshoe Fall gives you an opportunity to stand closest to the fall. This truly is an awesome experience.

Niagara Falls in Winter in Journey Behind the Falls

From Upfront

This is the best Niagara Falls tours and the most essential boat ride towards Horseshoe Falls and American Falls. It is total fun right from the beginning, you get funny looking capes to protect from mist and everyone’s camera lights begin to flash instantly.

During this boat ride you won’t be able to keep yourself from smiling broad. It is highly recommended that you protect your gears in a waterproof packing. If your mobile is waterproof, it’s fun to immortalize this trip in form of photographs.

At the end of the boat ride, don’t forget to spend some time at the ever great Nikola Tesla Monument situated just next to Horseshoe Falls. He was a Serbian scientist who spent a lot of his professional time here.

Tour Recommendation

If you want to have most amazing experience of the Niagara Falls, we strongly recommend planning a one night stay at the falls. You can drive to the cute little town that is just a little far away from the Falls.

The Niagara-On-The Lake is truly picturesque and much better than most of the hotels at the Falls. This town lies on the shores of Lake Ontario plus this also is one of the major wine growing regions of Canada; so, you shall be able to taste some of the best Canadian wines.

Panoramic view of Niagara waterfalls with boat.

Niagara Falls is amazing from every angle you look at. You can easily book best day trip to Niagara Falls from Toronto right now to let the fun-filled adventure begin for whole family.

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