Unheard Yet Amazing Place – Tosham

Unheard Yet Amazing Place – Tosham

Whenever I travelled, I knew the list of the famous spots I am going to visit. But how do you feel when you go some where for family function and ended up loving that place for its natural beauty and unheard history. The place which I fell in love is a small town named Tosham. Tiredness of 150 Kms. drive from Delhi to Tosham went off in few hours when I started looking around this place and its beauty.

Journey started to attend a family marriage function on weekend. While driving from Delhi, it took around 4 hours to reach to the destination. You get the glimpse of the beauty of this place just before getting entered into the town. A small mountain of Aravali Mountain Range welcomes you from distance. A well constructed road connecting from major cities of Bhiwani and Hisar proves why it has been awarded with the title of “Adarsh Village”.

History of Tosham dates back to at least 4th century, as evident by the Sanskrit language Tosham rock inscription at Tosham hill. Tosham Hill also has a Baradari known as Prithvi Raj ki Kacheri.
It was under Gupta rule in 4th Century and later it came under Tomars and Chauhan Rajput rulers, before falling into the hands of Delhi Sultanates, Mughals and British Raj.

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Here I bring you my day to day experiences of the trip.

Day 0: 7th August 15

I knew I was going to attend a family marriage function and not to explore a new place. Personally if given a chance to opt one of the option, I would have taken the 2nd one. Anyway, I started from Delhi in my swift car at 4 PM. via NH 10 / NH 709 and reached Tosham by 8 PM. I couldn’t get a glimpse of this place since it was dark when I reached there. Though I was pleased to see constructive roads and well connectivity. In a first instance, it gave me look of developed village. After having dinner with family, we had a walk outside and felt how fresh the air was. No pollution and ample greenery ensured me that I am going to like this place.

Day 1: 8th August 15

We had function at night so I had enough time in day to roam around. It was a rainy season in August so I could beat the heat to some extent. When enquired I came to know about Jheel park which was quite famous among locals. I got entered having a thought it will be a usual park with least maintenance. To my surprise, it was much beyond my expectations. A neatly maintained park having a beautiful lake. Families, Kids, Youngsters were enjoying every bit of it. I could hardly believe what I was experiencing. By the time it was evening, I captured few beautiful pics facing Aravali mountains.

At night, I attended family marriage function. Next day I was supposed to travel back to Delhi but I was excited to explore this place. I somehow managed to convince my family to stay back for another day so I could explore few more places.

Day 2: 9th August 2015

I woke up early and got fresh. Took a morning walk and came back. This time I heard a lot of praise of Baba Muniga Temple which was situated on Aravali mountains. It was a 10 minutes distance from home to reach to the Aravali mountains starting point. There are around 150 steps which took me straight to the Muniga temple. It was an amazing feeling to see a well constructed temple in the heart of mountains. It was special to see how skilled labourers shaped it by cutting the hard Aravali mountains. We prayed for God’s blessings and came out of temple to have a glimpse of the town from the top. It was a breathtaking view from the top. I couldn’t believe that I was visiting a small town which is so beautiful yet untouched and unheard. It was an evening and I had to start back to Delhi. I wish I could spend more time here to explore more places and have some pollution free air. But each journey has its an end and so it was for me.

I said goodbye to my relatives and to this beautiful place with a promise to come back!




Vikram Talwar

Vikram Talwar


Vikram is a by chance traveller. He is one of the travellers who don’t plan for a trip but end up visiting a new beautiful place!

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