Day trips from Bangalore to inspire wanderlust

Day trips from Bangalore to inspire wanderlust

Bangalore is in a geographically convenient location that allows for many great day trips to make anyone’s Instagram feed the stuff of envy. With a variety of options to suit everyone’s needs, the city can be the ideal base for many road trips to spectacular locations.

With many services that allow friends and family alike to hire a car for rent or provide services like Self drive cars in Bangalore Bangalore is seeing an explosion of day trips that inspire homebodies to explore the great outdoors. Here are some of the best day trips from Bangalore for that next big holiday.

1. Nandi Hills

The staple drive for every Bangalorean, Nandi Hills offers a great drive and panoramic views of the plains below. With an ancient temple and fortress, there is much to explore in the area. The Tipu Sultan era fort is under massive state-sanctioned renovations making the trip for tourists a worthwhile visit. Plenty of eating options on the hill provide sustenance as visitors explore the exotic flora of the location. Attractions on the hill include Tipu’s Drop where condemned prisoners were thrown to their death. The hill also offers paragliding opportunities and is one of Karnataka’s only such offering. Nandi Hills is also a hotspot for cycling enthusiasts with many cycling from Bangalore.

2. Mekedatu

Located off the main Kanakapura highway, Mekedatu is a deep and narrow gorge through with the river Kavery flows. 3.5km from Mekedatu is Sangama which is where the Arkavati meets the Kaveri. At Sangama, boats are available to make the crossing safely as the water currents can get very quick especially during monsoon. On the other side of the crossing is a bus service that runs every half hour, though the distance can also be covered by foot. The gorge is named Mekedatu which means goat’s leap as it is said that herdsmen observed a goat leaping across while being chased by a tiger who did not attempt the crossing.

3. Savandurga

Located 60km from Bangalore, Savandurga is one of the largest monoliths in Asia. There are two temples located at the foothill – Narasimha temple and Veerabhadreshwara temple. Quite a few people visit the hill for picnics and cave explorations. It is also the site for many serious slab climbers from around the globe. The Manchanabele dam is located in proximity as well and offers many water sports for an adventurous and fun day out.

These places are best accessed with a self drive car. Bangalore has many options when it comes to this services including Zoomcar.

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Niagara Falls: A 360° Tour

Niagara Falls: A 360° Tour

When you visit Ontario, Canada, taking Niagara Falls private tours is a must, not only because it is a popular tourist place but also because it looks stunning from every angle. From front, above and behind, a 360 degree tour of Niagara Falls will get you captivated with its glory and magnificence. Here, we will take you in detail of each option:

From Above

Seeing Niagara Falls from above will be the most breathtaking experience. Go for a helicopter ride over the Falls for a unique view.  rides along with audio guide are offered right at the Falls.

It definitely is an expensive ride but if you are after a thrilling adventure, just go for it. However, if you suffer vertigo, this may not be the best option for you. While you take this ride, do not stress as it is very relaxed and it lasts only for 15 minutes. Just enjoy the spectacular view of the Falls from sky.

Niagara Falls scenic aerial view in autumn

From Behind

After the amazing helicopter ride, let’s explore the beauty of the Falls from behind. Behind the Falls is an interesting journey through a 130 years old tunnel that takes you right behind the water falls.

There are many peek holes in the tunnel that offer a misty and impressive view of the roaring waters. The terrace right next to the Horseshoe Fall gives you an opportunity to stand closest to the fall. This truly is an awesome experience.

Niagara Falls in Winter in Journey Behind the Falls

From Upfront

This is the best Niagara Falls tours and the most essential boat ride towards Horseshoe Falls and American Falls. It is total fun right from the beginning, you get funny looking capes to protect from mist and everyone’s camera lights begin to flash instantly.

During this boat ride you won’t be able to keep yourself from smiling broad. It is highly recommended that you protect your gears in a waterproof packing. If your mobile is waterproof, it’s fun to immortalize this trip in form of photographs.

At the end of the boat ride, don’t forget to spend some time at the ever great Nikola Tesla Monument situated just next to Horseshoe Falls. He was a Serbian scientist who spent a lot of his professional time here.

Tour Recommendation

If you want to have most amazing experience of the Niagara Falls, we strongly recommend planning a one night stay at the falls. You can drive to the cute little town that is just a little far away from the Falls.

The Niagara-On-The Lake is truly picturesque and much better than most of the hotels at the Falls. This town lies on the shores of Lake Ontario plus this also is one of the major wine growing regions of Canada; so, you shall be able to taste some of the best Canadian wines.

Panoramic view of Niagara waterfalls with boat.

Niagara Falls is amazing from every angle you look at. You can easily book best day trip to Niagara Falls from Toronto right now to let the fun-filled adventure begin for whole family.

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Trust me, you make a dozen travel plans with your friends in a year and almost all get cancelled due to several convoluted reasons if you’re not lucky enough. It is ironic that although everyone loves to travel and wishes to explore the things but they do not.

Solo travel 1

Come on, guys! You have another best choice to go solo and grow yourself mentally as well as physically. In this way, you can boost your confidence and feel a sense of adventure to a greater extent. Here are 5 essential solo travel tips you should follow for a successful independent journey –

  • Ready with a trip blueprint

You have to be more proactive while travelling solo and a road-map might work as an asset for you. It helps to make you feel relaxed and engage in the enjoyable activities rather than spoiling a couple of hours in a hotel room planning the next. A rough idea must be in your mind or on paper because you have hit the road as a solo traveller and this must be the happiest experience ever.

  • Get assistance from local people

You will surely get that level of guidance you might not be expecting or have not read in any of the blogs earlier and the best memories come from the streets of the city where local people start telling you the real stories about the place. Sometimes, you meet travellers from another group and they share their travel itinerary that works for you to design or modify your plans. Eventually, you realize the importance
of assistance from locals or co-travellers.

  • Travelling solo means you ain’t alone

Undoubtedly, you have a missionary zeal and it has certainly proved as you decided to see the world alone. You never really travel alone. The world is full of friends waiting to get to know you.


Solo travel 2

  • Travel light and eat fresh

A long journey makes a solivagant exhausted and definitely when the person travels with a heavy rucksack or two so this may be a nice suggestion that you should carry a light-weight backpack and go explore everything. Also, the excitement around a trip can easily fade away if you don’t give enough attention to your health so whatever you eat must be fresh and nutritious while travelling.

  • Update your destinations with loved ones

It is vital to update your travel plans including the destinations, hotel addresses and journey dates with loved ones. You cannot say confidently that everything will be fine when you travel solo because if something badly hit you during the trip, the only you will be there to be brave and tough enough to deal with an unpleasant situation. You remember, be positive in any circumstances.

Suggested read25 Science-Backed Health Benefits of Traveling

Piyush Tripathi

Piyush Tripathi


I wanna make memories all over the world & would like to be richer in my life so I satisfy my strong desire to travel irresistibly & get some mind-boggling experiences because travel is the only thing you buy, that makes you richer. 

I am a health professional, traveler and content writer / blogger. I have completed my MBA from Rajasthan and currently working as a Regional Supply Chain Manager in Gujarat Medical Services Corporation.

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How to find cheap flights to anywhere in the World

How to find cheap flights to anywhere in the World

“Your wings already exist. All you have to do is fly.”

Air travel is one of the fastest method and necessary for those human beings for whom hours matter a lot. Sometimes, it might be a concern of urgency but most of the time people do not prefer booking flight tickets due to its dynamics and inflated pricing, additional/hidden charges, cancellation or refund rules or some unavoidable conditions. Here is a list of few effective techniques to get cheap flights every traveler must know

  1. Never Forget To Find Airlines Sale –

A number of platforms you can access to get all about the airlines’ sale and if you are comfortable with the terms & conditions of the merchant, you will get benefits for sure. The online coupon code providers & deals service dealing websites are the best platforms to know about airlines sale.

Best way to get better offers is to visit websites offering Airlines ticket booking options such as the one from Nanak flights. The airlines have special rates designed for collaborators and one can get a real good deal at times.

Further, if you are short on time and need to book flights on the go you can install mobile applications of various companies offering discounted airfares and online booking features and get offers on your mobile screen within no time.

  1. Make Your Reservations Early & Avoid Festivals –

Undoubtedly, you can avoid burning a hole in your pocket if you book the tickets in advance because a research study says that the domestic flights are 27% cheaper when booked more than one month in advance as compared to last month.

In addition, booking too early may backfire because most airlines computer programs are not designed in a way to create deals for you. On the other hand, you should avoid booking on weekends and during the festive season to find low airfares.

  1. Always Do Comparative Analysis of Airfares –

Due to the availability of many travel companies and their cut-throat competition for attracting customers, you must arrange a couple of minutes before booking to perform a comparative analysis of these fares. According to a travel consultant, after midnight on Tuesdays or early Wednesday mornings might be a perfect time to check airfares because the airlines usually dump all the last weekend’s unused bookings for sale-priced tickets back into the computer system at midnight on Tuesdays.

  1. Book Round Trips for Great Savings –

It might be costlier to book one-way tickets instead of round trips and you can enjoy great savings or big discounts using this technique. As you start booking round trips, the airline’ system will filter the cheapest airfares combinations where you can choose accordingly.

  1. Enjoy Sign Up Bonus Offers –

You can discover a fantastic bonus offer through first-time registration for booking your air ticket with the travel companies. In this digital age where we live our lives online, it will be easy to get extra hot deals on flight tickets anytime.

  1. Subscribe Mailing List To Get Personalized Deals –

Sometimes, the airline companies directly offer a limited extent of discounts to their valuable customers for the continued patronage or when trying to tap a new market and attract new customers in their existing markets for this, it is suggested. not to forget to get email subscription so that you will come to know about personalized deals & important alerts instantly.

  1. Contact a Travel Agent for personalized Assistance –

If you do not understand the picture of online booking system or you’re following a hectic schedule, you must get some travel agent assistance because only an expert can understand your mind set and provide you excellent options to travel & booking related all queries.

Keep in mind the points mentioned below –

  • Always-read terms & conditions while booking.
  • Read the updated baggage policy.
  • Go through the flight ticket refund rules and their implications before booking the tickets.
  • Make use of the referral programs run by various companies by referring your friends to generate cashbacks or discounts.
  • Select the payment instrument that offers the most.

Advantages of Booking with Travel Agents

It has already proved the importance of travel agents while booking flight tickets or any related queries because they have the ability to answer all your questions at one point. You may not be able to inquire about everything related to it from the airlines directly but a travel agent can help you, guide you significantly and agents of Nanak Flights have already proved and satisfied thousands of customers.

However, it is not uncomplicated & trouble-free to find cheap flights tickets or discount on airfares online while it requires some efforts and knowledge as well to get a perfect offer for you. It may be time-consuming. According to a recent study in Social Psychological and Personality Science, “people who value their time more than pursuing money were happier” so if you are looking for the assistance from a travel agent, you’re going well.

Based in Ontario, NANAK FLIGHTS has a motivated team who works 24*7 to satisfy its customers with best prices guarantee. They provide best deals on flights tickets to anywhere in the world with the fast e-Ticket delivery.

Book cheap flight tickets online with NANAK FLIGHTS.

“Did you know 26% of people make mistakes when booking online? Leave it up to travel agents to take care of things so you can focus on what to do when you get there!”

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How technology has changed the face of traditional travel

How technology has changed the face of traditional travel

According to the Trekksoft Travel Trends Report of 2016, up to 69% of global travelers of all age groups were planning on trying something new in 2016 with 17% attempting solo travel and 15% attempting adventure travel for the first time. Traveling is gaining popularity at break-neck speed and with the technological advances such as online ticket purchasing options being made in the field, it is becoming more and more accessible to the Average Joe. With the introduction of the modern-day smartphone you now have all the information you require right in the palm of your hand.

Must-Have Travel Apps

There are countless travel related apps you can install on your smartphone or tablet such as the two found below:

  • Time Out

The Time Out app is a wonderful directory full of ideas of things to do in many cities all around the globe. The app extensively covers everything from restaurants and bars to tourist attractions and events. The event finder is especially popular as is the feature that allows you to make restaurant and concert ticket bookings.

  • Duolingo

More than 70 million people worldwide have registered with Duolingo which is a brilliantly designed, free language learning app. Although it won’t have you speaking like a native within weeks it is a terrifically fun way to learn the basics before a trip abroad.

Eco-Friendly Travel Equipment

As much as these technological advances are influencing travel and tourism, so too is the booming interest in eco-friendliness and the desire to explore Mother Nature, without giving up any modern-day comforts.  Humans are constantly in want of the proverbial ‘best of both worlds’ which necessitated the birth of what can only be described as a very unique and somewhat polarizing pastime: eco-friendly glamping. For those that want to embrace this style of travel, here are some essential pieces of tech to take with you to make the experience all the more luxurious.

  • Ethanol fireplace

Ethanol fireplaces are lightweight, pleasing to the eye and eco-friendly to boot. As a renewable energy source, the fuel which is produced from organic matter such as corn, potato and cellulose, is completely biodegradable. Perfect for even the fussiest of glampers, ethanol fireplaces does not require you to get your hands dirty to fire it up and there is no cleanup required once the fire goes out.

  • Oversized hammock

No glamping trip will be complete without an oversized hammock made from all-natural materials such as hemp or cotton.  Nothing beats laying in a hammock, reading your favorite book while knowing that you are not negatively affecting your environment in any way.

  • Bug repellant bangles

No one will be able to enjoy a camping glamping trip if being eaten alive by hordes of bugs.  Leave your harmful bug spray at home and rather invest in a fashion-forward bug repellent bangle. There are a variety of colours and styles to choose from allowing you to match them to your favorite camping outfits.

As the world evolves around us one can’t help but wonder how much of the essence of travel will be lost in the process. Traveling is such a personal experience for many, a journey of self-discovery as such. As much as technology can aid us in making the process easier it should never take away from the experience itself.

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How to Pick the Right Limo Company When Traveling to Chicago

How to Pick the Right Limo Company When Traveling to Chicago

If you live in Chicago or near the place, you know that when it comes to choosing a limo service, the task is not as easy as it may sound due to all the different service providers available on the market.

If you have already used some of these services, you probably have had your share of bad and good experiences and would know which one to choose again. However, many people are newbies when it comes to selecting a limo service that can help you travel to Chicago.

There are a few things that you need to keep in mind when pondering the answer to the question of how to pick the right limo company when traveling to Chicago. Knowing these will help you greatly in making sure that the service you choose is one of the best and up to par with your expectations.

Picking the Right Service

Below are a few pointers that you need to keep in mind when you are on the search. These will ensure that you can hire an excellent limo service that will leave you 100% satisfied. From a personal experience I can give as an example of good company


The more the experience a company has in this business, the more reliable its service will be. A company that has been working for a long time will know the route better, have experienced drivers and will be able to get you to your destination on time.

The Fleet and Its Size

You need to make sure that the limo company does not limit itself to one car model. It should at least have a small variety and a few updated models of cars as well. The fleet and its size will be different for every company. Make sure that you go with one that has a bigger fleet, which reduces the chances of the car being delayed or not arriving at all.

Preview of the Business

If you have a long trip ahead of you or there is an occasion that you want to show up in style, it is necessary that you hire a limo that will be able to fulfill your requirements on those grounds. The best possible way to make sure of that is by previewing the car that will be at your service. Once you are satisfied, you can book the car and arrive in style. For this, you need to make sure the limo company is willing to accommodate the preview.

There Should Be No Hidden Fees

The cost of hiring a limo can get a bit high and if you add hidden costs to it, it goes even higher. What you need to do is to make sure that whichever service you choose, it does not involve any hidden costs and charges only what it says. Make sure you ask the service about these charges.


Getting reviews from people who have already used limo services while traveling to Chicago is important. You will be able to gauge from these experiences which is the best company suited for your needs. It’s better to get more than one review. If you feel that you do not know enough people who can give reviews, look for some online.

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An Ex-IBM Engineer creates the World’s first Multi Utility Travel Jacket with 29 features which is now available for PRE-ORDER

An Ex-IBM Engineer creates the World’s first Multi Utility Travel Jacket with 29 features which is now available for PRE-ORDER

Every time I travel the biggest challenge I face is to keep my stuff handy and within easy reach. I have tried lot of options form rucksacks to carry pouches but nothing has been up to the mark and have at some point of time came out to be a trouble. While looking out for some travel accessories I came across this VERSATYL Jacket that looks good enough to suffice all my requirements. Considering to purchase this, I thought of sharing this to you all travel enthusiasts.

The jacket was planned and designed to be a major innovation in travel jackets with the aim to transform travel. The former engineer from IBM who now runs a fashion garment manufacturing company in the start-up capital of India, Bengaluru, VERSATYL is an attention grabber! Here are some product features from the manufacturers of the jacket, the jacket is made from a wrinkle-free and water resistant material product aim to provide the convenience of clever storage in an outer garment while travelling. The Jacket provides 29 unique features including 18 pockets and storage compartments, detachable hoodie, retractable gloves and side vents to keep it cool during the summers.

Versatyl Jacket
Versatyl Jacket

The Jacket is available in two colours having 14 zips and weighs 470 grams. The pockets are designed in such a way that you can store almost everything from pens to iPad that you need, frequently during travel or cycling or jogging and other outdoor activities.

The VERSATYL is designed by Emirate Fashions Pvt Ltd – a garment manufacturing firm based out of – Bengaluru (AKA Bangalore). The idea for this came when Saneen Javali (engineer turned entreprenuer at Emirate Fashions) was looking for something unique to make at a breakthrough price. Most travel jackets he noticed were overpriced and this spurred him to design the VERSATYL. The vision is to make it the de-facto standard in travel jackets. Be it on an aircraft or a boat , on a bike, trekking the country side or for everyday use, the Versatyl is what you want.

Watch out for early bird prices.

Hurry Up! Book your order before it is too late


To pre-order your VERSATYL Jacket, just click on the reward you want. You will be asked to register on You can then select your size and colour preference just before you make the payment. Payments can be made by credit/debit cards or through internet banking. 

THE MRP OF THE JACKET IS ₹ 3499. You can now pre-order this at a price of 1,999 INR (INDIA) & 39 USD ( International shipping)

Versatyl Jacket
Versatyl Jacket

Watch this video demonstration for the product features.

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