A fairy-tale story we all would have heard in the childhood, a world of cartoon characters (as we name them) which always attracts us, those smiley faces who are always filled with joy, all these you experience when you land into Disneyland. It looks you got an entry into a whole new world which is full of magic and fun. This place may be more attracted to child per say, but were not you kids at one point of time. As a child, we always wished to be part of their life and so everyone enjoys and be the part of this fantasy Disney world. Our whole day went into straight fun and we didn’t realize the tiredness or dizziness.

We got entry into Walt Disney Studios around 11 AM. Entrance welcomes you with musical band and few shops with magical lightening.

Once you are through the lobby, you get into an open space and there are different blocks/building to visit per your interests. To name few; Disney classic Theatre which takes around 30-45 minutes depending on the visitors queue, Studio Tram Tour which takes 45-60 minutes depending on the queue again. We started with Disney Classic Theatre which I would call not so exiciting.

Then we headed to Studio Tram Tour which was worth visiting. On this small train journey, we seen small studio setup (which they call Behind the Magic tour) where many movies have been filmed.

Our next stop was ‘Lincoln Logs’ which we felt we could have avoided. Long waiting queue and it consumed almost 1 hour and then we found it was actually meant for children. Though if your wife or girlfriend is scared of thrill rides, this smaller one will please you for sure.

Next ride was ‘RC Racer’. Worth being there for me but may not be for my wife. It was thrilled compared to the others but not too scary. So far this was the one I enjoyed.

Now we headed to ‘Hollywood Tower’ and experience was great. It looked like visiting a ghost bungalow where every possible thing was presented as scary as possible. Then finally main attraction of this tower was life threatening lift ride. Since no click was allowed inside so we couldn’t take one. But it’s a must go place.

Then we spend time walking around this park and took some nice clicks with our favourite characters. Had a refreshment with rolls and coffee and by 5.30 we headed to ‘Disneyland Park’. The lobby itself is beautiful and once you come out of it, you witness the most awaited ‘Sleeping Beauty Castle’.

We selected ‘Space Mountain’ as our first ride and I think I made the mistake here. It was the most thrilled ride there and my wife almost vomited and got severe headache. Thanks to the evening parade which we joined just after this ride and was so joyful that we forgot the last experience.

Evening parade was just after the ‘Space Mountain’ and it was the best entertainment we called so far. It is a don’t-miss-at-any-cost-event.

Sleeping beauty castle was the next place and it was as beautiful as heaven. A perfect place to get some life time memorable clicks.

Sleeping beauty castle walk-through is an amusing walk. You have a couple of joy rides also to feel like a kid.

Our last ride was ‘Car driving’. With mild rain, this car drive was a good choice, though we waited for approx. 45 minutes in queue.


Now it was almost 9 O’clock and we were damn hungry. we grabbed two subs and coke to fuel our empty tanks.

When we were about to leave, to our surprise, we witnessed the magical night show just over the castle. It was a storyteller show which was mixed with 3D images, fireworks and music. What a way to finish our day. With lots of memories in our mind and camera, we boarded the metro to back to our hotel.

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