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With the backdrop of Jim Corbett and the Shivalik ranges of the Himalayas, only thing you would be looking for is a nice home-like comfortable place to spend a few days far away from the hustle ‘n’ bustle of the city. The Golden Tusk Resort is a blessing in disguise for families, naturalists and wildlife enthusiasts. The resort not only offers some beautifully crafted rooms it also has a rich blend of flora and fauna. With more than 100 species of plants and trees, the resort has abundant birds throughout the year for the visitors to enrich. The resort, situated on the bank of a seasonal river is an eye candid during monsoon and give a soothing view during rest of the years. If you are nearby Ramnagar or planning to spend a long weekend then this is a not to miss, place.

We planned for an outing and a jungle safari a couple of months back and that’s when I stumbled across The Golden Tusk resort. I was a bit skeptical about the place initially but it was worth a try since this is considered to be a good season for the safari as the chances of wildlife sighting increases manifolds. We started our journey from Delhi to Ramnagar with a super excited kid, who was going to have some great experiences. Starting from his first train travel to exploring a lot of new things about the nature and wildlife. The temperature in Delhi was soaring 44 degrees when we started and expected an equivalent hot evening in Ramnagar based on the weather forecasts. However, by the time we crossed Kashipur the weather had changed and a thunderstorm had lashed the small town with sporadic rains and cool breeze. It was almost 9 pm  when we reached Ramnagar. We were picked up by the resort representatives at the station and we started our journey to the resort, located approximately 20 kms from the station. The resort representative were very enthusiastic and we had a lot of chit chat about our journey, Ramnagar, Jim Corbett during this 25 minutes drive including some chat with our kid who was excited to spot a tiger.

Upon reaching the resort we were given a very warm welcome by the General Manager Mr. Sujit and the reception staff. Welcome drink offered was the juice of Burans a famous flower in the Kausani region of the Himalayas. Later we were shifted to our country view room and we could see the village with limited movement of people. The room was very spacious, well laid out and had all facilities that would make you feel home starting from a comfortable bed, a TV, Refrigerator and an AC. Outside the room there was a neatly maintained sitting spot with a set of table and chairs for the guests to sit, relax and enjoy together with the village in their sighting.

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The resort also offers other rooms such as forest view, villas, grand villas, tiger suites, and luxury tents. For more details about the rooms and tariff please refer to the resort website.

After settling down, we walked down towards the restaurant which is built on an elevated platform and  away from the rooms. Standing on the front stairs of the restaurant one can have a clear view of the village where as the stairs at the rear side of the restaurant give a magnificient view of a well maintained ground followed by a perrinnial river bed with the mountains in the backdrop. The place can captivate any person and force them to sit there for hours cherishing the nature’s beauty.

We had a sumptuous dinner which was tasty and quality as compared to any famous restaurant in the cities. The restaurant offers a lavish buffet with Veg and Non-Veg options alongwith Ala-carte and live grill options. The staff at the restaurant was equally generous and courteous as the staff at the reception. After the dinner we took a walk around the resort listening to some of the insect and birds that we once used to hear in our native cities and are now lost in the harrowing sounds of mordenization in the cities.

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The next day was at leisure for us and we utilized the time properly by starting with a delicious breakfast followed by a walk around the resort. The resort offers a conference hall for official meetings, gymmnasium, swimming pool, indoor games, spa, cycling, bar for those who want to just relax and enjoy the ambience, nature’s beauty and spend some leisure time with family and friends. As the temperature increased we thought to cool down in the swimming pool and spend around a couple of hours there. Below are some random clicks around the resort.

Post lunch, as the temperature soared above 40 degrees we went back to our room to rest and then in the evening we moved out for some more fun, after a quick high tea which is served in the back lawn on the banks of the river and some games with the kid, we moved for some sports activities. The resort offers a few adventure sports such as military hurdle for children and wall climbing and flying fox for adults and other games like basketball, badminton, volley ball etc. It was a real fun in trying the wall climbing and flying fox.

With the dusk falling and the full moon on the horizon, it was time for the birds to return to their bases and we experienced a mesmerizing noise of the birds chirping all around the resort as if they were discussing their activities and experiences during the day, reminding me of the days we used to sit with our parents and grandparents telling them our daily experiences and question nuts and bolts of anything and everything. As my kid sat in my lap listening to the birds, It was a mixed feeling for me which filled me with joy on one hand and reminded me the pain long forgotten of being far away from our near and dear ones knowing that in times to come there will be nothing left other than memories to cherish. I gradually composed myself back to the present and starting explaining my kid about the sudden movement and chirping of the birds.

Next day we had the Safari planned and till evening we were masquerading in the resort as if we were the residents there. By evening 4 pm we were all set for the Safari, please note that the Safari is subject to prior booking and the availability depends on the permit from the government departments. Please check with the resort before planning the trip or safari. It was a real fun and a great experience, the presence of the qualified guide from the forest department and the knowledgeable representative from the resort made it more interesting, wherein a lot of information was shared by both the people. It is because of them that we were able to understand lot of things and also clear out the myths we have been growing up with about the jungle and the animals. It was a time well spent and we would  be taking up that experience in our next post.

We also got a chance to have a chat with the owner of the resort Mr. Anirudh who completed his MBA from Amity university and also had worked in some private sector organizations, it was a pretty informative meeting and he shared his vision and aspirations about the resort. He also told us about how the resort was built in that place and that the rooms were furnished differently based on specific concept in sync with various flowers. He also gave us a glimpse on the additions they would be bringing to the resort thus making it more family friendly and it becomes a one stop shop for all age groups. The resort also fulfills its responsibility towards the society and have taken up numerous CSR initiatives including a village and forest clean up drives in association with TCHRI. The idealogy being followed is to create memories for the people visiting the resort and I would admit that in a stay of 2 days i never felt away from home making some very good memories for years to come.

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