The KITE FLYING FESTIVAL is celebrated in many cities of India marking the end of winters on the occasion of Makar Sankranti or Uttarayan during January. Invented by the Chinese around 2,800 years ago by the famous 5th century Chinese philosopher Mozi and Lu Ban the kites were first used to send message for a rescue mission. Ahmedabad the capital city of Gujarat plays host to the International Kite Flying Festival, attracting thousands of Kite enthusiasts to the city of Ahmedabad.

Kite Festival – Source: The Hindu

Well before the arrival of the Kite Festival the manufacturers get busy with making Kites and Manjha. The sky – line of Ahmedabad sparkles in the vibrancy of the colourful Kites and people from all walks of life whether its big-small, rich-poor, national or international come together to embark on this rejuvenating experience of lifting their Kites aloft to compete with each other by cutting the string of the opponent Kite flyer.

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The famous Patang Bazaar in the heart of Ahmedabad the Kite capital of Gujarat is abuzz with people buying and selling Kites, Manjhas and Firkis.

Kite Festival Source:Pinterest

The biggest International Kite Festival welcomes people from all over the world who gather with the specialized Kites of their region ranging from the illuminated box kite, beautiful hand painted kites with traditional motifs, giant banner kites from USA, rokkaku fighting kites Japan, Italian sculptured kites, flying dragon kites from China and a team of upto 500 kites on a single string are just a drop in the Ocean of this sporty event of joy and happiness.
THE KITE MUSEUM: A brainchild of Bhanubhai Shah the Kite Museum in Ahmedabad is located in Sanskar Kendra. The museum displays some amazing collection of rare and extraordinary kites. The Kite Museum provides a platform to showcase kites crafted from 400 pieces of paper, kites with miniature paintings of Radha Krishna, intricately crafted sequences of garba dance, kites with mirror work and block prints to name a few.

Kite Festival Source:

A unique collection of kites made from different materials like polythene, cotton, paper and spinnakers nylon are also on display. One of the most extravagantly designed kite in the museum is the hexagonal Rokkaku Japanese kite.

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