Keeping Interlaken as one of the destination for our first ever Europe trip turned out to be the best decision. This nature filled small town comes with so much of natural beauty and pure breath that you actually feel to get settle down there. I actually had a thought if I would ever need to leave my job and to decide on one place to settle down, Interlaken will be the first choice.

On our 1st day when we landed to Interlaken, we didn’t have any specific plan. We decided to just roam around and see the beauty of this nature heaven. Since our hotel was very near to Interlaken West Station and adjacent to that, there was a bus transportation facility, we got a bus towards Lake Thun. I would like to mention here that people from interlaken are very friendly and of helping nature. The bus conductor dropped us exactly to the point of Lake Thun.

we reached to Lake Thun and not to mention here that it was one of the most wonderful view I had ever dreamt of. Cold breeze, snow-capped mountains covered with mild clouds, equally settled carpet with green grass, beautiful trees and then crystal clear stunning Thun lake. What a breathtaking view!



The best way to explore the lake is to opt out for cruise boat option.There are several boat trip options available and any one could make out your day. The main one is from Interlaken to Thun and it takes about 2 hours. We didn’t have luxury of time so we couldn’t make out of it, but boat option is a must if you really want to explore the beauty of lakes.



After spending approx. of 1 hour, we were back to Interlaken West station. From here we headed to Interlaken OST station to have a  glimpse of Lake Brienz. We couldn’t find it prettier than Lake Thun, though it is said by the locals and bloggers that cruise boat trip from Lake Brienz is more prettier than Lake Thun. Since I couldn’t experience it personally, I rest it with the bloggers choice. Here are few clicks;img_4205


After witnessing these beauties, we headed to Harder Kulm, Top of Interlaken. It is at walking distance from Interlaken OST Station and one of the must visit site. Here is my detailed blog on Harder Kulm;

Harder Kulm – Not Just Top of Interlaken, It’s Much More!


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