Famously known as the birthplace of Mozart, one of the greatest composers of all times, Salzburg is among one of Europe’s most beautiful and Austria’s fourth largest city. Situated on the border of Germany, Salzburg provides a splendid view of the Eastern Alps.
HOHENSALZBURG CASTLE: Sitting atop the Festungsberg, a small hill in the Austrian city of Salzburg, the Hohensalzburg Castle, is one of the largest and undoubtedly the most beautiful medieval castles in Europe. The Salzburg Fortress standing tall over the city of Salzburg was erected on the behest of Prince-Archbishops of Salzburg, is the main tourist attraction in Salzburg.
The ancient fortress has on display some fascinating medieval princely chambers, fortress museum displaying some amazing pieces collected from the era, Rainer Military Museum, and an extremely popular and creepy Marionette Museum known for its historic puppet display.
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 HOHENSALZBURG CASTLE  (image courtesy myitteadventure.es)
HELLBRUNN PALACE: Enchanting its visitors for over a period of 400 years the Hellbrunn Palace is a Baroque villa in Salzburg, Austria.Enticing its visitors with the trick fountains, the Hellbrunn Palace was the pleasure abode of the Prince-Archbishops of Salzburg. 
The three storey structure built between 1613 and 1615, divided in the facade by the “Kordongesimse” decorations also has the immensely popular grotto fountain.
Related imageFOUNTAIN AT HELLBRUNN PALACE (image courtesy pinterest.de)
The first floor of the Hellbrunn Palace comprises of the “Prince’s chambers”. Some of the main highlights of the magnificent Hellbrunn Palace is the painted walls and ceilings with street scenes and twelve very plastic, golden Caesars.
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HELLBRUNN PALACE  ( image courtesy Expedia )
MOZART’S BIRTHPLACE: Once in Salzburg how can a trip be complete without a visit to the iconic Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s birthplace at No.9 Getreidegasse in Salzburg, Austria. Mozart was born here on 27th Jan 1756 and his family resided on the third floor here.
Image result for image of mozart birthplace in salzburgMOZART (image courtesy The Gisborne Herald)
The residence of the prodigious composer was later converted into a museum in 1880 , which holds some of the original and priceless artifacts which provide a beguiling insight into the musical legend’s upbringing, his life and talent. Expect to see the violin that Mozart played as a child, his costumes, models of Mozart’s most valued operas and some well preserved furniture.
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MOZART’S BIRTHPLACE  (image courtesy  Flickr)
NONNBERG ABBEY: The oldest monastery in Salzburg, Austria, the Nonnberg Abbey is a nunnery lying a little above the city of Salzburg, at the foot of the Festungsberg. Famously known for its Gothic architecture, its murals and small works of art is a picture of serenity at 6:45 am every morning when the sound of singing nuns fills the church premises and keeps everyone rooted to the spot. 
The other very significant connection of the Noonberg Abbey is with the filming of the classic movie ‘The Sound of Music’ . The ever-imposing convent includes the church of St.Maria Himmelfahri, the cloisters, a hall, dining hall, the old abbey, St. John’s Chapel, Pieta Chapel and private quarters for the nuns which have intricate wooden carvings.
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NOONBERG ABBEY  ( image courtesy  Wikipedia )
SCHLOSS MIRABELL & GARDENS: A historical monument in the city of Salzburg in Austria, the Schloss Mirabell and Gardens is a Baroque masterpiece. A symbol of love it was built by the Prince-Archbishop Wolf Dietrich for his beloved Salome Alt. 
Badly damaged in the great fire of Salzburg in 1818, the Mirabell Palace was rebuilt and decorated in the Neo-classical style in the following years and renamed as “Schloss Mirabell”.
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SCHLOSS MIRABELL AND GARDENS  (image courtesy  Salzburg.citysam.de)
Some of the features of the Schloss Mirabell which are a major attraction for tourists is the Marble Hall, which is still used for concerts, numerous statues and the SMB Museum which is housed in the Gardener’s Building, has on display exhibits from the European art of the 17th and 18th century.
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MARBLE HALL  (image courtesy  flickr.com)
On the southern side of the Schloss Mirabell stretches the excellent Mirabell Gardens with its amazing Baroque landscapes, along with many terraces, marble statues, colorful flowerbeds and beautiful fountains. Apart from this the ” Do – Re – Mi ” song from the classic film The Sound of Music was filmed here.
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MIRABELL GARDENS (image courtesy saaih.com)

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