If you are travelling to Peru, don’t miss on the opportunity to visit the spectacular Rainbow Mountain all dressed in in its vibrant colors.
With so many vibrant colors under your feet it feels like being on cloud nine and walking on magic dust.

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You tell someone about this fascinating experience and they will surely write it off as a fairy tale story straight from Alice In Wonderland. A three hour drive from Cusco, Peru will take you to the magical natural wonder. Nestled in the remote region of the Andes Mountain stands the ever impressive Rainbow Mountain in all its glory. A dream destination for the hikers, it is worth the effort that goes into the steep climb either on foot or on a horseback.

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At an altitude of 4,300 meters, The Rainbow Mountain trek will take you through dirt paths with looming peaks of natural green and eye – catching red rocks. A scintillating trail upwards to the Rainbow Mountain, Peru is a picturesque journey through the local villages with
pristine mountain streams and impressive snow capped mountains with grazing Llamas and Alpacas for company, with a mountain Cara Cara (orange) to add some flavor to the amazing journey.

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Take a short break once you reach the saddle next to the Rainbow Mountain and then move to the final summit at an altitude of 5,000 meters for a breathtaking view of the mountain.
How To Reach: There are innumerable tour operators who charge around 100 Soles ($ 30) from Cusco for a three hour drive.
An approximately three hour trek begins after entering the ticketing area.
– Taking a guide on your journey to the Rainbow Mountain is highly recommended.
– If you find the hike tough you can rent a horse for a round trip.
When To Visit: The dry season between  March to November is considered to be a good time to make a visit to the Rainbow Mountain but the ideal time would be between June to August when the temperature is comfortable with open blue sky.
What You Should Wear For The Trek: Regardless of the time of the year you will find the Rainbow Mountain freezing and might face breathing problems, so suggest to go prepared with:
– Boots or hiking shoes
– Hiking pants
– Sweatshirt
– Waterproof Jacket
– Thick socks
– Scarf
– Gloves

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