When you visit Ontario, Canada, taking Niagara Falls private tours is a must, not only because it is a popular tourist place but also because it looks stunning from every angle. From front, above and behind, a 360 degree tour of Niagara Falls will get you captivated with its glory and magnificence. Here, we will take you in detail of each option:

From Above

Seeing Niagara Falls from above will be the most breathtaking experience. Go for a helicopter ride over the Falls for a unique view.  rides along with audio guide are offered right at the Falls.

It definitely is an expensive ride but if you are after a thrilling adventure, just go for it. However, if you suffer vertigo, this may not be the best option for you. While you take this ride, do not stress as it is very relaxed and it lasts only for 15 minutes. Just enjoy the spectacular view of the Falls from sky.

Niagara Falls scenic aerial view in autumn

From Behind

After the amazing helicopter ride, let’s explore the beauty of the Falls from behind. Behind the Falls is an interesting journey through a 130 years old tunnel that takes you right behind the water falls.

There are many peek holes in the tunnel that offer a misty and impressive view of the roaring waters. The terrace right next to the Horseshoe Fall gives you an opportunity to stand closest to the fall. This truly is an awesome experience.

Niagara Falls in Winter in Journey Behind the Falls

From Upfront

This is the best Niagara Falls tours and the most essential boat ride towards Horseshoe Falls and American Falls. It is total fun right from the beginning, you get funny looking capes to protect from mist and everyone’s camera lights begin to flash instantly.

During this boat ride you won’t be able to keep yourself from smiling broad. It is highly recommended that you protect your gears in a waterproof packing. If your mobile is waterproof, it’s fun to immortalize this trip in form of photographs.

At the end of the boat ride, don’t forget to spend some time at the ever great Nikola Tesla Monument situated just next to Horseshoe Falls. He was a Serbian scientist who spent a lot of his professional time here.

Tour Recommendation

If you want to have most amazing experience of the Niagara Falls, we strongly recommend planning a one night stay at the falls. You can drive to the cute little town that is just a little far away from the Falls.

The Niagara-On-The Lake is truly picturesque and much better than most of the hotels at the Falls. This town lies on the shores of Lake Ontario plus this also is one of the major wine growing regions of Canada; so, you shall be able to taste some of the best Canadian wines.

Panoramic view of Niagara waterfalls with boat.

Niagara Falls is amazing from every angle you look at. You can easily book best day trip to Niagara Falls from Toronto right now to let the fun-filled adventure begin for whole family.

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