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Papi Kondalu is a hill range in Andhra Pradesh. Papi hills are distributed between Khammam, East Godavari and West Godavari districts. The entrance of Papikondalu can be seen from Koruturu (West Godavari District).

This place makes for a perfect weekend getaway with friends or colleagues. Pack your bags and set out for an outing to the Papi hills. Boats from Rajahmundary will take you to Papikondalu making you a witness to the most beautiful scenery of river Godavari flowing between the hills on both sides.

On the way you can pay a visit to the GandiPochamma Temple which is on the bank of river Godavari. Once you reach Papikondalu, you see vast expanse of sand and huts at the base and on top of a hill. Spend a night in the Kolluru huts and capture the sunset and sunrise which make your photography experience an altogether different one.

Papikondalu is an ideal camping location with your team. Playing games on the sand, trekking along the Godavari, singing songs around the bon-fire and capturing all these moments shall add to sweet memories.

Boat Ride to Papikondalu : Boat ride to papikondalu is an extremely over whelming experience as the boat swishes into the waters of the river with picturesque hills on both sides. If the weather is cool you will fall in love with this place. Papikondalu is a photographer’s paradise.

Stay in the Kolluru Huts : These are huts built on sand in Papikondalu and on top of a hill. These huts have no fans so it is advised to go here after the rainy season when the weather is cool. Stay in these huts gives the ultimate feel of camping alongside the river. The only drawback is the common washrooms which becomes troublesome in the peak season.

Playing games on the sand bed : The evenings in Papikondalu are full of rejoicings. Play games on the sand on the river bank with beautiful hills around you. My team played a neck to neck Kabaddi match which set a momentum for bonding with each other. It is advisable to carry your own sports equipments.

Morning Trek along the river Godavari : Next morning get up early and trek along the river Godavari from the backside of the huts to reach your own Ghat where you can jump into the river and enjoy. This can be one of the most fun filled mornings. Be careful, the water flows at a good enough speed to wash you away. The rocks are slippery but alligned in such a way that you get the most awesome body massage with the water flowing between the rocks.

All meals are provided in the huts itself which comprise rice mostly. So if you are not a rice fan like me, carry Maggi with you 😉 Also you must carry refreshments along with you as there are no shops here.

After playing around in the river rush to the huts and have lunch. The boats reach Papikondalu post lunch to take you back.

Boat : The most popular route to reach Papi kondalu is through Bhadrachalam of Khammam district or Rajahmundry of East Godavari District by boat. There is also a twisted Ghat road of 35 km to reach Papi kondalu though Polavaram of West Godavari district, via Shinganna Palli and Vadapalli.

Train : Nearest Railway station is Rajahmundry at a distance of 61 km. From Rajahmundry various boat packages are available to reach Papikondalu. Since its in the middle of Papi Hills gorge in the Godavari, it can be reached only by boat.

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