Continuing our series on the scariest placed in the world, we bring you some more places in the world which are outright scary and where you must be extra careful when travelling. You will need a bold heart and strong resolve to make a move to explore these places. However, the experiences that one can get from these scary travels are worth everything.

Here are the 4 scariest places in the world you can never imagine of travelling alone. Prepare to get spooked!

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Island of Dolls, Mexico

One of the most haunted places on Earth, the Island of Dolls is a creepy island that can give chills to even the bravest of hearts. It is said that a young girl drowned in the lake that surrounds the island and her body was found floating in a canal. Soon, there was a doll found floating in the same place where the girl’s body was found. The caretaker of the island took the doll and hung it in a tree. He continued to do so for many years and it has become an island infested with dolls. It is reported that the dolls speak to each other, turn heads and even move. You never want to be in this place after sunset. 

Edinburgh Castle, Scotland

The Edinburgh Castle has seen a lot of inhumane tortures and bloody battles which makes it a haunted place. People have experienced many unexplained things when inside the castle. Some have seen apparitions appear and disappear before their eyes. Other experiences include seeing shadowy figures, sudden drops in temperature, strange sounds and the feeling of being watched.

The White House, USA

The place of residence of the President of USA, the White House is a famous place which is reportedly haunted. The sprawling house which is visited by dignitaries from around the world has witnessed numerous unexplained happenings. Dignitaries on visit have reported sightings of ghosts of Abraham Lincoln and Abigail Adams (wife of John Adams). Men of honor, including Britain’s Winston Churchill have witness the apparition of Abraham Lincoln stand near a fireplace in Lincoln’s bedroom.

The Mines of Paris, France

One of the worst places one can ever be in, the Mines of Paris are haunted by a number of spirits. The place is restricted and is illegal to enter it. However, there are certain tours that take you to the place where you can experience some weird happenings. A lot of people have been once buried in the place which makes it a breeding ground for spirits. Weird noises, sudden drop in temperature and mysterious movements make the place extremely scary.

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