According to the Trekksoft Travel Trends Report of 2016, up to 69% of global travelers of all age groups were planning on trying something new in 2016 with 17% attempting solo travel and 15% attempting adventure travel for the first time. Traveling is gaining popularity at break-neck speed and with the technological advances such as online ticket purchasing options being made in the field, it is becoming more and more accessible to the Average Joe. With the introduction of the modern-day smartphone you now have all the information you require right in the palm of your hand.

Must-Have Travel Apps

There are countless travel related apps you can install on your smartphone or tablet such as the two found below:

  • Time Out

The Time Out app is a wonderful directory full of ideas of things to do in many cities all around the globe. The app extensively covers everything from restaurants and bars to tourist attractions and events. The event finder is especially popular as is the feature that allows you to make restaurant and concert ticket bookings.

  • Duolingo

More than 70 million people worldwide have registered with Duolingo which is a brilliantly designed, free language learning app. Although it won’t have you speaking like a native within weeks it is a terrifically fun way to learn the basics before a trip abroad.

Eco-Friendly Travel Equipment

As much as these technological advances are influencing travel and tourism, so too is the booming interest in eco-friendliness and the desire to explore Mother Nature, without giving up any modern-day comforts.  Humans are constantly in want of the proverbial ‘best of both worlds’ which necessitated the birth of what can only be described as a very unique and somewhat polarizing pastime: eco-friendly glamping. For those that want to embrace this style of travel, here are some essential pieces of tech to take with you to make the experience all the more luxurious.

  • Ethanol fireplace

Ethanol fireplaces are lightweight, pleasing to the eye and eco-friendly to boot. As a renewable energy source, the fuel which is produced from organic matter such as corn, potato and cellulose, is completely biodegradable. Perfect for even the fussiest of glampers, ethanol fireplaces does not require you to get your hands dirty to fire it up and there is no cleanup required once the fire goes out.

  • Oversized hammock

No glamping trip will be complete without an oversized hammock made from all-natural materials such as hemp or cotton.  Nothing beats laying in a hammock, reading your favorite book while knowing that you are not negatively affecting your environment in any way.

  • Bug repellant bangles

No one will be able to enjoy a camping glamping trip if being eaten alive by hordes of bugs.  Leave your harmful bug spray at home and rather invest in a fashion-forward bug repellent bangle. There are a variety of colours and styles to choose from allowing you to match them to your favorite camping outfits.

As the world evolves around us one can’t help but wonder how much of the essence of travel will be lost in the process. Traveling is such a personal experience for many, a journey of self-discovery as such. As much as technology can aid us in making the process easier it should never take away from the experience itself.

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