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Ujjain the ancient city of Madhya Pradesh is situated on the banks of holy river Kshipra. It was also the capital of ancient Avanti kingdom. Also known as the city of lord Shiva is among one of the twelve Jyotirlingas. Every twelve years kumbh mela is organised here in which millions of devotees appear to take shahi snaan(bathing). This Ujjain travel guide will give you a complete list of tourist attractions.

Asoka the king of Ujjain has all his memories everywhere and every corner of the city. The city was later reined by Chandragupta II who adopted the number system including negative numbers and zero. The renowned Navratnas were the gems of his court. The great poet Kalidas said that the city is the town fallen from heaven to bring heaven to earth.

Mahakaleshwar temple:

Eternal Shivlinga of lord Shiva situated at the garbh of the temple gives a soothing sight and the silence in the temple makes you feel calm and peaceful. Even in the busy routine of people, mahakaal dominates their life and connects then with the past traditions. There is no need to wait in the queue for hours except for Mondays as it is assumed to be the sacred day of mahakaal and on normal days you can take your time to worship and get a good view of Jyotirlinga.

Kaal Bhairav Temple:

The temple was built in praise of one of the eight bhairavs and the master of all, kaal bhairav. The temple is said to be built by King Bhadrasen on the banks of river Kshipra. Unlike any other temple, the tradition is totally different here as the devotees offer Liqour to the idol as a ritual. The worship of Kal bhairav is done by Kapalika and Aghora sects and the city is the main center for these sects

Bade Ganeshji Temple:

A new addition to the attraction list in Ujjain is the Bade Ganeshji temple which is situated at a walking distance from Mahakaleshwar temple. The temple is located over the tank and the enormous idol attracts many tourist as the size and beauty is rarely found. Learning of sanskrit and astrology is also followed at the temple as Lord Ganesha is known as the most intelligent god and attaining knowledge here is always admired by one and all.

Bhartrihari Caves:

Bhartrihari Caves are situated near the temple Gadkalika at the bank of river Ksipra. It is believed to be the spot where so called step brother of Vikramaditya, Bhartrihari lived and meditated his entire tenure of life. He was a great scholar and poet known for his famous works such as Shringarshatak, Vairagyashatak and Nitishatak. These works are famous for their intense use of sanskrit.


The enormous tree at the banks of river Kshipra is believed to be under the authority of religious sanctity. Most of the pilgrims take dip in the river as it is believed that once Goddess Parvati made her confessions here. The place is also used for performing hte last rites in hinduism and as per another believe, lord Ram came here to perform the last rites of his father.

Sandipani Ashram:

Ujjain apart from political and religious importance, is also known a great place of learning and this ashram is one of the places. It is said that Lord Krishna and his friend Sudama were instructed by guru Sandipani. The area nearby is known as ankapata, where lord krishna used to wash his writing tablet. The Gomti kund is supposed to be the source of water supply to the ashram. There is a stone engraved with number from 1 to 100 and it is believed that it was done by guru Sandipani.

Gadkalika Temple:

The temple is situated two miles away from the city and is believed that Kalidasa used to worship the deity here. As per sayings Kalidasa was an illiterate and idiot and through his devotion he acquired the literary skills afterwards. The temple was renovated many times by emperor Harshavardhan during paramara period and lastly in modern times by Gwalior state.

Manglanath Temple:

Away from the hustle bustle of the city the temple could be reached through peace. According to Matasya Puran the place is believed to be the birth place of Mars and in the ancient time the planet could be seen from here with naked eyes and was also used for astronomical studies.

Gopal Mandir:

Beautiful example of Maratha architecture, the huge temple of Lord Krishna also called as Dwarkadheesh Temple is located in the midst of the big market square. Constructed by Bayajibai Shinde, the queen of Maharaja Daulay Rao Shinde in the 19th century is inlaid with marbles and the doors are plated with pure silver.

Navgrah Mandir:

The temple is dedicated to the nine planets and is located away from the old Ujjain town and situated at the Triveni ghat of Kshipra river. There is no reference of the temple with ancient times then too the religious importance has increased in the recent years the reason being that one or the other planet is the Lord of Sun sign that plays major role in peoples life. There is large rush on new moon days falling on Saturday due to its importance.

Ved Shala:

Ujjain holds a considerable importance in the field of astronomical studies. Great works such as Surya Sidhanta and Pancha Sidhanta on astronomy were written in Ujjain. Indian astronomers reportedly said that Tropic of Cancer passes through Ujjain and the observatory also forecast weather condition. There is a small planetarium and a telescope to observe Moon, Mars, Jupiter and their satellites.

  • By air

Ujjain is very well linked with entire India by road and train but unfortunately there is no airport in the ancient city but yes, the closest airport is in Indore which is 52 km away from city.

  • By road

In comparison with other cities Ujjain is very well connected to the nearby cities. It is 52 km from Indore connecting the NH3 road which is a 4-lane road covering the distance within an hour or less. Indore is connected to Agra-Mumbai national highway to other cities of India.

  • By train

Ujjain is linked with major cities of India, some are not so good for a direct journey so it would be a better option to get a break in between at Bhopal. Some trains that are available are; Avantika Express (daily) and Pune-Indore Express (thrice a week) from Mumbai, Hazrat Nizammudin Intercity Express from New Delhi and Jaipur-Mysore Express from Bengaluru.

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